Welcome To TORO!

About Us

A lively, modern Mexican Kitchen + Bar influenced by the bold flavors of Mexico.  Featuring seasoned steaks and authentic Mexican dishes.  Our menu is crafted by our Executive Chef, Joey Hart.  Originally from Texas, Chef Joey’s palate was strongly influenced by the Hispanic culture he grew up around, which he has channeled into the creation of our menu. Passionate about Mexican cuisine and, in particular Oaxacan food, Chef Joey ran an Oaxacan restaurant (Xico) in Portland many years ago, where he fell in love with this specific facet of Mexican cuisine.


TORO offers private dining. Treat your guests to a fun evening out in one of our private dining Private Dining areas.  Our team will help you plan the perfect event tailored to your needs and budget.


Founded by Mark and Carla Byrum, TORO Mexican Restaurant is one of the newest addition to the Urban Restaurant Group